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  • Participation in the Competition for statewide recognition

  • Weekly and Grand Prizes for participating employees

  • CTrides supported on-site events

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Team Info

By submitting this Form, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. The Drive Less Connecticut Competition is a voluntary and friendly competition. You confirm that your organization is located in the state of Connecticut and eligible to participate. There are three Competition Categories. Employers who have at least 50 employees are eligible to compete for the Highest Participation Rate category. Only employees working in Connecticut are eligible to be counted. All employers are eligible to compete in the Emissions Prevented category. Award winners in the Team Spirit category is determined by CTrides, in its sole discretion and based on various qualitative factors such as employer’s efforts to promote the Competition to its employees. Employer hereby consents to the display and use of total activity of its employees participating in the Competition during the Competition and made available through CTrides’ online Competition Leaderboard and in other ways as CTrides deems appropriate. Personal information of any employee participating in the Competition shall not be disclosed to Employer or any other party without the consent of the employee.